Little Pink Gift Box of Red Velvet Cookies

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Select Your Preferred Size and Quantity From the Selection Provided and Your Fresh Batch Of Cookies Will Be Shipped in as Little as 2 Business Days!

Crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Our Red Velvet cookies are gorgeously red and insanely delicious. Gluten and Dairy Free!

Our Cookies contain 8 Grams of Fiber, and are made with no unsaturated fats, no preservatives or additives for a healthy snack your taste buds will love!

We take pride when it comes to baking fresh cookies by only using the freshest ingredients in our batches.

Each Cookie weights approximately 125 grams. 


100% Almond flour, Organic Coconut Sugar, Vegan Sugar Free White Chocolate (Sweetened with Monk Fruit), Natural Food Coloring, Organic Low Fat Cacao Powder, Pasteurized Egg, Organic Vegan Butter (Avocado Butter)