Get to know us Darling!

So, here is a little story, Domenica, founder of D'nomad Mangia studied fashion Marketing & Communication but always found a passion in food as a way of bringing together everyone she loves. During 2020, yes 2020 a year full of changes, but also a year filled with opportunities, she started to bake and share with her loved ones different recipes to somehow feel close to them. During that time, her uncle was diagnosed with Leukemia.

He has a sweet tooth and thought that most packaged products labeled as "sugar free" or "organic" where healthy, when in reality they were not as healthy as marketed. ⁣

Domenica decided to start making desserts with real ingredients and show him that amazing sweets can be heathy. CHOCO(LATE)POR TI, a chocolate chip & walnuts cookie was created, Domenica gave a taste of it to her friends, her father (her toughest critic), her brother that hates "healthy desserts" and they were all in love. That is when she realized she needed to create a community and share this delicious healthy cookies with the world as well her upcoming cookies.

Her goal is not to focus on "fitness" or ''calories" but, good ingredients, real ingredients.